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This is NOT a travel site. This is NOT a Star Wars site. This is an old-school blog about travel, Star Wars and many other things. And because it's MINE, I write what I want, how I want and when I want. If you can't understand this simple fact, consider visiting other blogs. Thank you for your cooperation.

And now read this:

PS. I am sorry to say this, but... if your comment, or your signature, or your nick, or your whatever, links to any sort of for-profit website (and I don't give a rat's ass as to what it is - travel, on-line shopping, etc), regardless of how relevant or on-topic your comment is, IT WILL BE DELETED!!!

Unless I know you, or your business personally, don't even bother. If you want to have a text link on my site, please contact me via email. Otherwise, IT WILL BE DELETED. My decision here is final.
Thank you for your time.

Hi! My name is Anna and I'm a pretentious snob with bad manners and even worse attitude who also likes to travel. And who also likes Star Wars.

Why Budget Trouble?

Because I travel on a budget, can't save money, buy tons of useless things, and more frequently than not - get into trouble.

I'm a rather mediocre writer and an even worse photographer and I'm not even trying. Feel free to criticize my skills, free speech and all that.

Right now, we (Ms. Trouble, Mr. Almost Trouble and one cat) live in Tochigi and Gunma (Japan) - two of the most dasai Japanese prefectures of them all. We love it here but since trouble tends to follow us, next week/month/year* we might be somewhere else. (But most likely - just down the street from where we are now, closer to the in-laws, oy vey!)

What else? I love cats, earning large sums of money (which, unfortunately, doesn't happen often enough) and sunset walks on the beach. Oh wait, that's a description for a different website. Never mind...

This site was created as an attempt to keep track of our travel memories, share the stories, and showcase our photos and shaky YouTube videos. And to talk about Star Wars.

Please, if you're selling something, anything - be it a service, product, whatever - on your site, do NOT ask me for a free link. That's just rude. If people pay you for your service or product, then you can pay me for a link. And if you're too cheap for that, don't bother asking, OK?

We can be reached at: budgettrouble.blog (at) gmail.com

The Troubled Ones

*) select and underline the correct choice.


  1. Nice to find a blog out of Japan based in Tochigi! :) I am also in Tochigi, recognize so many sights from your posts! Keep it up!

  2. Great blog, don't stop posting, even if you take a long break every now and then. I thought the pics were good and your writing is good ànd funny, so I cannot imagine many people will be able to do a lot of criticizing. ;)


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