Saturday, December 8, 2018

Star Wars Exhibit at the Dubai Mall

Sometimes even perpetual losers like me get lucky.
I will be changing planes in Dubai on December 30th on my way to South Asia.
And by an amazing coincidence, December 30th is also the last day of the The Imperial Army, Star Wars™ Exhibit at the Dubai Mall.

The stars in the universe have lined up so precisely that you really couldn't have asked for a better schedule. Because, as it happens, I will be traveling with my stormtrooper helmet.

The mall opens at 10 a.m. and I am planning to be there early. Very early.

See the Imperial Army and dash back to the airport.

The whole adventure needs to be executed with military precision, but that is exactly my field of expertise.

Interestingly, the Dubai Mall mobile site lists the final date of the exhibit as December 31st.

It doesn't matter. I am planning to be there either way.
And yes, I have decided that I WILL take my bucket (stormtrooper helmet) on this trip. The Emirates airline allows only one carry-on. Somehow I will deal with it. How? Not sure just yet. The bucket doesn't fit into my suitcase. I brought it to Japan in a plastic garbage bag, yes, as a carry-on. That was in addition to my regular small bag.

This time I might not be so lucky. I suppose, if push comes to shove, I'll just carry the laptop under my arm and put the bucket on my head. I'm currently on hold with Emirates to ask about bringing a very oversized "hat" as my hand luggage.

And after an hour-long discussion with an absolutely useless Emirates customer service rep, who was just copying and pasting the same info I can find online, I am none the wiser. I honestly don't know why I have stuck with Emirates for so long. There are better options out there... Hmmm...

Anyway, wish me luck and see you at the Dubai Mall on December 30th!

Have a great weekend!


And the report from my visit to the exhibit is here - link.

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