Monday, January 12, 2015

Coming of Age Day

Today was Seijin no hi, and I should have been in front of Futaara shrine with my camera trying to sneak a few photos of girls all dolled up in kimonos and wrapped in rabbit fur stoles.
But I wasn't.
It turns out that in our lovely city the day for 20 year olds celebrating their coming of age was held yesterday.
So even though the actual public holiday is today, the fun stuff took place yesterday.
Out of consideration for the freshly minted adults.
If they party hard on Sunday, they have all Monday to recover and can show up for work on Tuesday without raging hangovers.
See? That's how considerate our great city is. No wonder I love living here :-)

As I wasn't able to take any photos today, I found some from two years ago.

That was one coming of age day to remember.
The weather was getting progressively worse and worse. And when it couldn't get any worse, the train service got suspended due to snow.

I was having lunch with friends in Omiya and, along with a couple thousand other people, we got stuck there.

There were shinkansens going south, but nothing going north. Which was where we needed to go in order to get home.

We eventually did get home. It cost a lot of money and took more than 12 hours.
And I've been hating Omiya ever since.

At least today it was sunny. And so far - no snow this winter. Yay!

Have a great week!

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