Friday, August 10, 2012

Tenno Sai 2012 and other things

Been thinking quite a lot whether I should reactive this blog or just let it wither and die. It's read by my students' parents and some of my coworkers (hi guys!) and as such it can no longer be my happy ranting place.

Then what should I do? Hide it from search engines and write about what I want and how I want? Or keep it searchable and continue the way it was before? Or keep it searchable and clean it up and make it very PG-ish and bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, sparkly and happy? Not sure just yet which way it's going to go... But let's give it a try.

A lot has happened since the last update, blah blah blah and all that. Nobody's interested in all the gory details anyway, so I'm going to spare you the blow-by-blow description.

Instead, as we're in the midst of summer, and summer means matsuri time (yes, I'm still a matsuri otaku), let's do what we do best. And that is - take a look at one of our favorite events - TennoSai in Utsunomiya.

Yes, I know, I know... It took place in the middle of July. And now it's the middle of August (well, almost). But if you're as lazy as I am, it takes you some time to upload the footage and make it presentable for a wider audience. And since it's supposed to be PGish, but PGish in Japan and kids here are used to such views, the fundoshi shots stayed, OK?

First, our second favorite thing - the mikoshi race up the steps to Futaara shrine:

Fun, isn't it? I don't remember now what the fastest time was, but damn, some of them were really fast. And only two teams tripped up, one of which I caught on tape.

And second, our most favorite thing - the Bamba dori team with its huge drum carrying it up the steps to the shrine. And never stops drumming. These guys have rock star status in our town.

A bit shaky towards the end but that's what you get when you walk up the steps in the dark while holding a video camera.

So yeah, that was our TennoSai this year.

Have a great weekend everyone! (Though it's supposed to rain here, bummer...)

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