Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Palau overview

The very fancy and expensive sunblock I brought with me from Japan didn't do a very good job. I got burned. Badly. I ended up running to a local drugstore with imported American stuff and buying a cheap replacement. That seemed a bit more effective.

My plan for Palau was such:

day 1 - rest and look around
day 2 - trip to Rock Islands and Jellyfish lake, snorkel (with a lovely Japanese company - Impac)

day 3 - intro dive with Sam's Tours.

That one didn't work out. Let's just say that Sam's Tours is not a company I can recommend for novice divers. To put it mildly, they're idiots, who wasted my time.

So instead of diving, I rented a car and went to the aquarium and museums and tried local foods and then drove up to Palau Beach Bungalows. The plan was to stay there until Sunday.

That didn't work out either. Let's just say, the place was crawling with bugs and the beach was a garbage dump. I stayed there for one night only and left as soon as I finished breakfast.

day 4 - the plan was to tour the island, and I did just that. I went all the way up north to see stone monoliths, I saw the new capitol building, I saw jungle, and generally despaired at a very shoddy signage (or lack thereof) of major tourist points.
In the evening I returned to Koror and checked into the motel I was staying at previously - DW Motel.

day 5 - snorkeling tour with Impac, this time we snorkeled at major diving points (such as Big Drop Off) and then had lunch at Carp Island Resort. Carp Island Resort is the kind of place I want to stay at if I ever come back to Palau (unlikely).

day 6 - an airplane tour of the islands. Expensive ($140 dollars for 30 minutes), but totally worth it.

day 7 - that is now and right now it's raining like crazy. Not sure what I'll do now. Probably drive up to Palau Pacific Resort and sit on their beach.

My flight leaves at 3AM. Luckily, thanks to my air tour yesterday, I have a coupon for the very fancy VIP lounge at the airport. So at least my waiting time should be more or less pleasant - there's free wi-fi there.

More detailed info coming up soon!

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