Monday, December 26, 2011

Butterflies, toucans and blue poppies

My Christmas day began miserably. At night I had an asthma attack and then wheezed and suffered until the early hours of the morning. At 5AM I finally had enough and got up. And then my nose started to bleed. All that because the air was so bloody dry and we hadn't bought a humidifier yet. We bought one today, but it doesn't seem to work properly and I'll return to the store as soon as I'm done typing up this post.

Mister Trouble felt sorry for me and to ease my suffering decided to take me to Kachoyukan in Moka city. Kachoyukan is located at Igashira Park and it's a butterfly park of sorts. And because the only way to keep butterflies alive in the midst of winter is to house them in a warm and humid place, my dear husband thought it would be just perfect for my tired lungs and dry nose.

And let me tell you, it was. It was so humid that water occasionally dripped on our heads, and the temperature was pleasantly warm.

And the butterflies? They were there. Supposedly 4 different kinds, but we mainly saw this one:

But, to be honest, we didn't go there for my nose, or even for the butterflies.
We went there to see the strangest Christmas tree of all.

What at first glance looks like a perfectly ordinary christmas tree, upon closer inspection turns out to be a tree decorated with butterfly pupae, or chrysalises, or whatever those thingies are called.

Weird? You could say that.

My plan was to park myself in front of that tree and wait until a butterfly emerges from one of those things. Alas, after a couple of hours I had to give up. I was thirsty and hungry and I had to pee.

Later I read that after emerging from the chrysalis, the butterfly will sit on the empty shell and wait until its wings harden. Just like here:

Exciting stuff, isn't it?

Other than butterflies, there was also a bird section:

And a flower section showing flora at high elevations. I immediately noticed the Himalayan blue poppy, because it's the national flower of Bhutan. Don't ask me how I know such utterly useless trivia, because, frankly, I have no idea.

And now, if you excuse me, I have suitcases to drag out of storage and clothes to sort through.
Only 6 more days and I'm off to Palau. Yay!

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