Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shirakawa Castle after the Tohoku earthquake

Because we love Fukushima, we decided to drive up to Aizu Wakamatsu today. And so we did. That will be something for another post.

On the way home we stopped in Shirakawa and went to see the castle there. I like this castle a lot. It has free parking and you don't have to pay to enter the tower.

However, today we had to be happy with visitng the park in front of the castle. Why only the park? Because you can't enter the castle now. Why? The grounds were seriously damaged in the Tohoku earthquake.

This is the entrance. You think it looks bad? It gets worse.

And even worse here:

And just take a look at these trees:

Still, there were quite a few people in the park enjoying the cherry blossoms and picnicking under the trees. We saw a group of foreigners as well. They were not French, obviously.

Here's the video of the damage. I do hope they will restore the grounds eventually and we'll be able to enter the castle once again.

This is my entry for Show Me Japan, which this week is hosted by Lisa over at Ichigoichielove.

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