Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love you Fukushima

As you can see, there is no Show Me Japan this week. Why? Because I need to take a break and focus on myself for a while. With everything that's been going on here for the past month, I'm actually pretty surprised we didn't have a physical and mental breakdown. Not yet anyway.

It's just that I'm sooooo tired lately... And I just started a new job. Doing what I love. That fact makes it a lot easier to get up every morning. And damn, I have to get up early now - something that I'm not used to.

So yes, Show Me Japan is taking a break. It'll be back, of that I'm certain. I just don't know when.

In the meantime, our life goes on. Just like last Sunday, today I was planning to go and play with the Fukushima evacuee children that are staying at Sugatagawa. But unfortunately, I didn't make it. Today was my only day off this week and it was spent at the laundromat (no, not because I'm afraid to hang stuff out to dry due to radioactivity, rather - lots of winter coats to wash and dry), shopping (still no yogurt to be found) and cleaning (haven't been doing any of that lately and it's showing).

And then it was off for a quick peek at cherry blossoms. I'll try to take more photos next weekend, I promise.

So what else is new? Not much, really.

Yesterday I was able to buy Vitamin Water, but in a different bottle. I haven't seen Vitamin Water since the earthquake. It disappeared when people got worried about radioactive tap water, because of Fukushima. And then, just as many other drinks, it was gone due to packaging shortages. But I see the company managed to put it in a different bottle and it's available at some stores.

Now, if only dairy companies could put non-fat yogurt in a different container, or in any container at all, my life would be complete. I mean, what am I supposed to eat for breakfast? Fish and miso soup? Ha! That will be the day! And don't hold your breath for natto, either. It has also disappeared due to packaging shortages.

Our house is still being built, more or less according to schedule. But we had to re-select many features last week. The companies manufacturing our first choices had the misfortune to be located in Miyagi and Iwate prefectures. And how to put it nicely? Are no longer able to supply the contracted building materials? Yeah, something like that. Our second choices aren't as nice, but that's what happens if you're trying to build a house during a national disaster. You get what you can, not what you want.

As in other places in Japan, in Tochigi the cherry blossom viewing parties are very subdued this year too. There are no cherry tree night time light ups (gotta save electricity) and people feel they shouldn't be out celebrating in the aftermath of the horrors of last month. Which, if you ask me, is stupid.

We should go out and celebrate. We should buy booze to keep the sake manufacturers up north in business. We should eat till we can eat no more to keep the meat and produce from Tohoku from going bad. And we should go out and spend money to support our local businesses, because they need our support. Especially here, north of Tokyo. THAT is what we should be doing, instead of staying at home and feeling miserable for ourselves.

And I plan to do just that, but next weekend. No sake for me, however. But I'm willing to buy a bottle. As long as it was made in Tohoku!

More info here. That's where the translation below came from, too.

To everyone in Fukushima,
we’re supporting you from across Japan.
That’s why we’ll all sing together.

Song Start
I left my true self at Fukushima, Fukushima, Fukushima
I loved the true you at Fukushima, Fukushima, Fukushima

Something will start tomorrow. Something beautiful.
Something will start tomorrow. I’m talking about you.

I love you baby, Fukushima. I need you baby, Fukushima.
I want you baby, we love Fukushima. (x2)

Let me see that you’re wonderful at Fukushima, Fukushima, Fukushima.
The dreamlike days and the beautiful you, at Fukushima, Fukushima, Fukushima.

Tomorrow, everything will begin. Your life will begin.
Tomorrow, a new life will begin. Your life will begin.

I love you baby, Fukushima. I need you baby, Fukushima.
I want you baby, we love Fukushima.

I love you baby, Hamadori. I need you baby, Nakadori.
I want you baby, Aizu. We love Fukushima.

I love you baby, Nomaoi. I need you baby, Akabeko.
I want you baby, Tsuruga Castle. We love Fukushima.

I love you baby, Fukushima. I need you baby, Fukushima.
I want you baby, we love Fukushima. (x2)

Hamadori, Nakadori and Aizu are all regions in Fukushima. Nomaoi means "wild horse chase" and refers to a military exercise carried out in Fukushima during the Edo Period, re-created to this day during the Soma-Nomaoi Festival. Akapeko is a traditional toy from Fukushima shaped like a red cow.

PS. For those geographically challenged, we are right under Fukushima.

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