Friday, March 18, 2011

Show Me Japan Vol.1 Issue 18

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of this week, Show Me Japan is one day late. 
Therefore, it will stay open for entries all through Monday (which is a public holiday in Japan). 

IMPORTANT: Please enter a link to a specific post on your blog, not a general link to your entire blog/website. Thank you!

Welcome to the 18th edition of Show Me Japan. 第18回 Show Me Japan へようこそ。

You can see previous editions here. 前回の”Show Me Japan” エントリーはここです。

FAQ page in English and Japanese is here. 英語と日本語のFAQはここにありますので、初めて参加される方は目を通して頂けると幸いです。

Below is a random selection of photos from last week’s participants. 前回の参加者中からランダムに選んだ写真を以下に紹介します。

The widget to enter your links is at the end of this post – below the photos. ”Show Me Japan”にエントリーする際のリンクを貼るウィジェットはこの記事の一番下にあります。

 From Muzachan - to visit her blog, click on the photo.

From Bigger in Japan - to visit his blog, click on the photo.

To visit Blue Shoe, click on the photo.

To visit Spam From Japan, click on the photo.

To visit Japan-Australia, click on the photo.

If you participate in Show Me Japan, please be so kind and include a link back to this blog in your post. エントリーしたポスト中で “Show Me Japan”のリンクを貼り忘れてないか確かめて頂けると幸いです。バッジに “Show Me Japan”のリンクを加えて頂ければ至極幸いここ極まれりです。

Thank you for participating and have a wonderful weekend.

And now it's your turn!!!

Due to a sudden family emergency last Sunday, this issue of Show Me Japan has been left to rot here on the blog. 

I apologize to anyone who has not receive a comment and a re-twit on their entry. 
Please forgive us. 

We will work hard to catch up with anyone we missed during last weekend. 

Show Me Japan Participants

1. kyushudan
2. Jon
3. lina
4. Haikugirl
5. Alice Vyxle
6. Yoshi, Japan
7. Muza-chan
8. David
9. David LaSpina
12. Jay Dee in Japan
13. bird
14. MerEdith
15. robert athens GR
16. sixmats
17. Ichigoichielove

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