Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It’s dark, cold and quiet. I have three candles burning, but that’s just enough to keep me from going crazy. Definitely not enough to keep the room bright. 

The cats are hiding and Mister is sleeping.
We just had dinner by candlelight. No, it wasn’t particularly romantic. It tasted a bit weird, actually. Probably because I made it in the dark, too.

The dishes are still piled up in the sink. I will do them when the lights are back. And so it begins.

Welcome to our scheduled blackouts in the Kanto region! Unlike other areas in Kanto that have them during daytime, we are in the unlucky bunch that gets to sit in the dark in the evening.

At least, so far, it’s been pretty uneventful and it hasn’t been shaking that much.

I went to the store today and saw ice cream all ready already for the power outage:

The rest of the store was pretty bare, though:

The fancy stuff on the right is still there. But not at this place. Here, almost everything was gone:

Luckily, thanks to the tireless efforts of my wonderful friends, we have enough food. Enough to share even! Thank you soooo much!!!

We'll manage. And it will get better soon. It has to.

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