Monday, January 10, 2011

Night Market in Kuala Lumpur

Because no trip to Malaysia would be complete without a visit to a night market, my friend Lina wasn't all that surprised when I informed her that was where I wanted to go.

Which night market? Because Kuala Lumpur has scores of them, I let my local guides make that decision. And since I have absolutely no sense of direction, I can't even tell you where it was. Yes, I'm that useless sometimes. But now I know that we went to Jalan TAR.

I've been to similar markets in other countries, but in one respect Malaysia was vastly different. And different in a positive way. What I liked was that almost no one harassed me. No one tried to sell me the earth, the sun, the moon and everything in between at, for you my friend, a very good price! No one tried to touch me, or even accidentally brush up against me. No one whistled or made obnoxious noises as I walked by.

Even though I was very clearly a tourist carrying a camera, I was, for the most part, left to my own devices. People were unfailingly friendly and approachable. And the whole experience was hassle and harassment-free.

If you're still in doubt over whether I liked my night market visit, just remember that they also sell food there. And apart from onions, shrimp and coconut milk, I haven't yet met food I didn't like. Yeah, it's a miracle I don't weigh 300 lbs by now, because let me tell you, food and I have this very special kind of relationship - if food's there, I eat it.

And at the night market, our relationship was in full bloom - there was plenty of food. And I ate it. Actually, I should have eaten more, but was worried that my hosts would think I'm some kind of a bottomless pit, or that I stuff my face like a pig in heat. So, instead, I behaved in a very cultured way and carried my video camera.


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