Thursday, January 13, 2011

Night at Petronas Towers

To the person who emailed me just to tell me that the title should say "Petronas Towers at Night" - go away. You're stupid. 
Now that we've established that, the title stays as it is.

Thick volumes and countless blog posts have been written about the Petronas Towers already, but that of course doesn't phase me in the least bit and I'm still going to add my 2 yen. Ringgit. Whatever.

I've been fascinated by this building (these buildings?) ever since I saw that movie in which Catherine Zeta-Jones does that ballet thing in slo-mo over red laser lights. Was she blindfolded while doing it? I don't remember...

And oh yeah, that old Scottish guy who once upon a time used to be James Bond was there, too. Whatever...

All I remember from this movie was that Ms. Zeta-Jones looked magnificently hot and the Petronas Towers looked magnificently..., well, magnificent.

I don't know why I found them so fascinating. Just two buildings connected with a sky bridge. Should be nothing special. But somehow, they were.

When I was there in December, I didn't go on the sky bridge. It's no longer free, and the fact that you have to line up ridiculously early in the morning to get one of the limited number of tickets was too much for me.

Maybe next time...

This is the view from the Menara Tower:

And a closeup of the spires:

The actual name of this complex is KLCC and there's a fancy shopping mall there, too. With the most hideously designed parking lot ever. But at least the grounds are pretty.

So yeah, that's about it. They're pretty.

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