Friday, November 26, 2010

Show Me Japan Vol.1 Issue 2

Welcome to the second issue of Show Me Japan – a photo meme where we aim to showcase as many Japan related images from as many bloggers as possible.
第二回Show Me Japanへようこそ!この企画は、出来るだけ沢山のブロガーを募り、出来るだけ沢山の日本に関連する写真を、より多くの人に紹介する事を目指した写真ミームです。
You don't have to be in Japan to participate, you don't have to even blog in English. As long as you have a Japan related post with a Japan related photo on your blog during this weekend, you’re invited to play with us.

To read the complete FAQ (available in English and Japanese), please click here.

Twenty two (excluding myself and Dr Trouble) bloggers joined us for last week’s edition, and this week we hope for an equally great turnout.

And as long week, all your entries will be retwitted and stumbled as well.
参加者全員のエントリーはツイッターとStumble Uponにて再投稿される予定です。

Below are randomly selected photos from five randomly selected bloggers who participated last week. How random was the selection? Is asking an innocent bystander for a number between 1 and 22 random enough for you? Yeah, that’s the idea.

You can click on the photos to be taken to their respective blogs.

Click on the photo to visit Bad Communication

Click on the image to visit Bartman

Click on the image to visit Yuri's blog

Click on the photo to visit Mike in Okinawa

Click on the photo to be taken to Yosuke's blog

And now, please enter your own post in the widget below and show us Japan!
さあ、日本に関連するエントリーURLを下のウィジェットにリンクして、 あなたが見た日本を世界中の皆に紹介しちゃいましょう!

Have a great weekend! それでは良い週末を!

PS. And a very special "thank you!" to Japan Talk Podcast for mentioning our meme!

Sorry, this week's Show Me Japan has just finished. Please join us again next week. And in the meantime, please visit the participants below.

Show Me Japan Participants
1. Yoshi, Japan
2. Anzu, Japan
3. Hawaiibadboy
4. David LaSpina / JapanDave
5. LifeyouTV
6. DekoBoko
7. goodandbadjapan
8. Vincent
10. David
11. Jay Dee in Japan
12. Tochigi Daily Photo
13. bartman
14. Mullenkedheim
15. Yuri
16. kirsten
17. Loco
18. Andrew Marston
19. Floating Camera
20. sixmats
21. Exotic Japan
22. kirsten
23. Surviving in Japan
24. Oko
25. kyushudan
26. Laura (tokyololas)
27. ジェイソン (Jason)
28. Haikugirl
29. Fernando Ramos
30. Hiro

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