Friday, November 12, 2010

Autumn in Chuzenji

Let's face it, I am obsessed with Chuzenji. And that's a fact.

If I were independently rich, I'd move there in a heartbeat. And I'm eternally jealous of those lucky souls who actually get to live there. Bastards don't even know how special they are.

Sadly, I am not rich. And even sadder - neither is my husband. So much for my living in Chuzenji dream.
So since moving there is not an option, I have to be happy with visiting every now and then.

What's Chuzenji? Think Lake Tahoe and you'll pretty much get the idea. Except Chuzenji is better - it's still within Nikko city limits. How awesome is that?

Here are some autumn shots from my most favorite spot in Japan (if not the whole world).

 Yes, that's Mount Nantai back there, the very same one we climbed last July. At night, no less! I mean, if you're going to climb a mountain, you might as well go all out, right? So why not set out at midnight and get to the top by sunrise?

It still looks lovely now, but it gets brutally cold in winter.

At Futaara shrine up on Chuzenji. Yes, it's a branch of the same Futaara you can visit in the Shrines and Temples complex in Nikko.

 Because it's so pretty up there, the place tends to be overrun by tourists for most of the year.

At that's the Chuzenji temple.

Most of the leaves are already gone, but this tree is still hanging on.

Here is an HDR treatment of another lake Chuzenji photo on Dr T's photoblog. Yeah, between both of us, we are up to four blogs now. Do we need to get a life? Most definitely! :)

This is a Skywatch Friday entry. And Thursday challenge for fun and learning - theme "Autumn".

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