Friday, October 22, 2010


As you've probably noticed, 99% of photos simply vanished from the blog. And 99% of links to older posts are broken.

This is due to the fact that we've moved!

Yes, we are free of TypePad. At long last!

My frustrations with TypePad were many, and I've written about them in fits of rage on numerous occasions. Moving the entire blog to a new platform was the only solution.

However, it came with its own set of problems - those missing photos and broken links.

Yes, we are under construction

I am going to re-upload all images one by one, and fix all links, one by one. On all posts. I've already started. If I fix about 10 posts a day, this whole project should take me about a month. Gee... it seems that I need an assistant. Urgently!

In the meantime, if you notice anything else (feed, subscription modules, anything!) that seems out of order, please let me know.

And also in the meantime, if you've linked to this blog, or any individual posts, please be so kind and update the links. Yes, even though the domain name stayed the same, the links are slightly different.

Because I need your links - desperately. My page rank went from 4 back to zero. LOL!

I would also like to thank the people who made this move possible - Amanda and Mike.

Amanda is a travel writer extraordinaire and Mike is a computer-web-thingamajic genius. Without them I'd still be ripping my hair out, cursing TypePad everytime my uploaded photos look bluish, washed out and ugly.

If you've ever thought of becoming a travel writer, you should take Amanda's class. I was one of her lost causes who never actually finished the course, couldn't spell, wrote in ten-paragraph sentences and abhorred structure, outlines, and all that other writer stuff.

But guess what? I STILL managed to actually learn something! Ha!

Amanda and Mike - thank you!!!

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