Monday, September 20, 2010

This person is a thief - he uses copyrighted materials without permission

He hotlinks and uses copyrighted photos without permission:

I'm sorry but I don't speak Czech, and I can't see if there is an email address on that blog. And I can't figure out how to leave a comment over there either.

So, unfortunately, I have to post it here.

Mark Yajeji, or whoever you are, you are a thief. You never asked if you could use my photos on your blog. And no, my photos are NOT licensed under Creative Commons.

Please remove them. Otherwise, I will be forced to contact your ISP and report you for using copyrighted materials without permission. And in case you're not aware, it's called stealing.

PS> He never contacted me, and even though he apologized on his site for using copyrighted material, I had to remove my photos myself on my end as he had hotlinked to them.

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  1. Oh ! how sad to read and see. admit that's something I did not think of before.


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