Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Miya Matsuri 2010 - videos

Yet another Miya Matsuri, the annual Utsunomiya city summer festival is behind us. Amazingly, the weather was nice this year and it didn't rain. I'm sure that Mother Nature will correct this oversight on the night of Utsunomiya hanabi (fireworks) on August 21st.

But in the meantime, here's a drunk Tengu who instead of leading the parade, gets all cozy with the young ones.

And yes, he was drunk. He needed a helper to keep him upright and push him in the right direction.

Here, check out these Miya Matsuri videos, all shot by yours truly, so please excuse the crappy camera work. It's hard to fawn over the Bamba boys and keep the camera from shaking.

But first things first.

These videos embed goofy here, so to see them in all their shaky glory, please right click and choose to watch them on YouTube.

This is Orion dori (Utsunomiya's main pedestrian drag) all decked out for Miya Matsuri:

The little hos in training were adorable, though, white boots and all.

Here, the guys purify the streets before the mikoshi procession. And we meet a lost Red Riding Hood and two friendly punks:

Now, if you're into mikoshi (as opposed to Red Riding Hoods or overweight punks), this one's for you:

And if sweaty guys and giant drums are your thing, then the Bamba Dori team is definitely your thing. They are the stars of any Utsunomiya show. Seriously, I'm surprised that women are not throwing their bras and undies at them.

For photos, go here and here. Now, if you excuse me, I have to pack for our trip to Shikoku. Sanuki udon, here we come!!!

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