Monday, July 19, 2010

Utsunomiya Tenno Sai 2010 - part 1

At the very end of the rainy season, there is a festival in Utsunomiya called “Tenno Sai (天王祭)”. Last year we had rain during Tenno Sai, and Ms. Trouble’s video camera got wet and almost died. So this year she got herself a brand spanking new waterproof gizmo, but guess what? This year it didn’t rain.

Though the rainy season ended about five minutes before the festival, the humidity and temperature remain high. It feels like a sauna outside… Our northern-Sweden-born daughter (Norwegian forest and who knows what mix) is suffering from the Japanese heat. Though, being Scandinavian, at least in principle, she should be used to saunas.

Here are a couple of videos from this year’s rain-free Tenno Sai (official dates - July 15-20, 2010). These videos were taken on July 17th. (Yeah, that's how Ms. Trouble spent her birthday - sweating like a pig with a camera in hand).

Detailed explanations about life, universe and Tenno Sai will come tomorrow, courtesy of Dr. Trouble, of course, because Ms. Trouble is busy doing who knows what these days. (She's working like crazy and finishing a book, you dipwad!)

Enjoy your long weekend! (In Japan, Monday, July 19th is a public holiday).

Remember this guy? We wrote about him in this post. And check out his shoes! How can he walk in them? Especially after a couple of beers?

And here we have mikoshi from the parade (which as usual, started at the Utsunomiya Castle) saying hello to the big kahoona mikoshi in front of Parco (department store, shopping mall, whatever):

After saying hello, they go to Futara Shrine. Actually, "go" is an understatement. They either leisurely saunter up the stairs, fancy footwork and all, or run like maniacs. There's no in-between.

And yes, a couple of them fell down. But they got right back up and continued running.

And because we know how much you love pictures of Japanese girls, here's Tenno Sai - the hairstyle version. Ok, so there are a couple of guys in there, too. So what?

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