Tuesday, July 20, 2010

External hard drive disaster - IO-Data, I HATE you!!!

PS. If you are a nitwit spammer trying to push some moronic $afecopybackup, don't bother. Your comment will be marked as spam. And really, 5gig free backup? Shove it up your a**. Now, go away, and spam some other people.

Today we were supposed to bring you part 2 of our Tenno Sai report, but we won't. We were supposed to post a ton of new photos, but we can't. Our backup drives crashed. Both of them. Within days of each other.

We thought we were very careful and prudent storing our data not on one, but two different external drives, just in case one of them crashes. Well, they both did. One yesterday, the other one today.


I am beyond pissed at this moment. I want to nuke the headquarters of IO-Data, the company that manufactured both of those pieces of shit.

We'll take both shits to a computer doctor tomorrow and see if they can recover anything. In the meantime, there will be no fun new posts on either one of our blogs.

And a special, oh-so heartwarming message to IO-Data:

I hate you. I hope you will go out of business. Soon. And judging by the quality (or rather - lack thereof) of your products, you will. You suck, you're stupid and whoever is responsible for your quality control, I hope he falls under a bus.

So there, I feel better now.

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