Monday, June 21, 2010

Want to see what Japan looked like in the past?

We are finally getting around to scanning old negatives and photos (if no negative exists) that are gathering dust and growing fungi at the PILs house.
There are literally hundreds of them. And we're not even talking about all the stuff that grandma keeps in her precious photo boxes. It will probably take us years to finish this project.

But, in the meantime, on Tochigi Daily Photo - our photoblog - we posted the first batch. You can see it here.

We won't be posting them on Budget Trouble, as this platform (typepad) has the very annoying tendency to make photos look like crap. And since they're old, and many of them already look like crap, we'll stick them on our photoblog instead.

So, every Sunday on Tochigi Daily Photo you can see a new batch of images of Japan as it used to be.



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  1. How impressive to see. One can only hope that time and life did treat them kind at and after school. Please have a nice new week.


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