Monday, May 3, 2010

More on Bandai Museum in Mibu

It's Golden Week (a bunch of public holidays one after another) and while most people use this time to sleep in, relax and do nothing, we volunteered to get up at an ungodly hour tomorrow and perform community service. Ouch!

So, because of that I don't have much time tonight (gotta go to bed), and instead of a full-blown post, you'll just get a few more pictures from the Bandai Museum to look at. And another short video shot by yours truly.

Our previous Bandai entry is here and more pics - here.

When you enter, this giant RX-78-2 (white devil) greets you:

The head moves and the eyes light up.

This is in the Thomas Edison section:

Potable. No comment.

While back in the Gundam room:


Char Aznable and MS-06S Zaku II

And in the toy room:


And, finally, here's a short clip of sections of the museum other than the Gundam room:

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