Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miya Matsuri 2009 video

I am still a youtube virgin and my video editing skills suck enormously, but I am slowly getting better at this sitting my camcorder in people's faces thingie. And the sheer geniusness of iMovie helps too - what would I do without its built-in anti-shaking fixer upper? Chew my leg off and bleed to death trying to deal with the shaky image.

But yes, it's spring here, more or less (some days more and some days none at all) and that got me thinking about the matsuri (festival) season. I can't wait for the mikoshi, fundoshi, crazy hairstyles, choco bananas onna stick and yakisoba inna bun (Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler would be proud!).

And now, when I'm watching this short video of day two of Miya Matsuri - Utsunomiya City festival, I am getting positively antsy. Fortunately there's a festival in Nikko in two weeks, and let's hope I'll do a better job with my camera there.

If you're reading this through Blogsherpa, you need to click through to the blog to watch the video:

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