Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kanuma Buttsuke Autumn Festival - part 2 (better late than never)

About 5 years months ago, I said there would be part 2 to the post about the Kanuma Buttsuke Autumn Festival (鹿沼ぶっつけ秋祭り). I said it and then promptly forgot about it. There was no part 2.

And it would have stayed forgotten if not for the fact that I'm a moron who can't figure out how to speed up a video using iMovie without "converting" said video first. Converting to what? Buddhism? Christianity? Either way, the resulting loss of quality is rather pathetic.

And because I didn't know how to "unconvert" (revert?) a video, I had to look for a tape and upload it all over again. (Yes, maybe there is an easier way, but what can I do? I'm an idiot, I told you that many times before.)

So yes, I was looking for one particular tape, but instead found another. And out of curiosity uploaded it. And voila! Wouldn't you know it, we got our part 2 to the Buttsuke Autumn Festival. See, even idiots get lucky. Occasionally. Once every 5 years months, or so.

Here is a short clip from Kanuma:

If you're reading this post via Blogsherpa, I am afraid that you have to click over to the blog proper to watch the video.

Oh yes, and by the way, does anyone know how to speed up clips in iMovie without the quality going down the tubes? Or do I need to dig out my old copy of Final Cut Express for that sort of magic?

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