Thursday, March 4, 2010

Odds and Ends from Haa Valley in Bhutan

Don't get me wrong, I love Japan. But because there's more than just Japan in the world (though I do know people who would try to argue with me on this one), today we'll revisit Bhutan.

I miss Bhutan, I really do. I want to go there again, but since my name is Budget Trouble, a trip to Bhutan won't be happening anytime soon. Unless I find me a cash-tossing corporate sponsor. The only other alternative is to sell myself into sexual slavery, but since it's me we're talking about here, I doubt there would be any takers, I'd make a lousy slave.

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, Bhutan. Haa Valley, an adorable place within easy reach from Paro.


While driving around we stumbled upon a village festival with singing and dancing and bow-and-arrow shooting. And in case you didn't know, archery is a very serious business in Bhutan.


In some countries it's hunting rifles, in Bhutan it's bows.


And if you're big enough to hold this thing, you're old enough to shoot it.


And if you're old enough to shoot it, you're old enough to do all sorts of other things.


And here's what it looked and sounded like (yeah, I finally figured out how to post videos, how awesome is that?):

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