Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Questions Are Better Left Unanswered, Especially on Fridays

Sorry, sorry. Yes, I know, I know... I should have posted something here during the week. But I didn't. I was busy. And Dr. Trouble couldn't write anything either, because he was in France trying to "give us a better future." Whatever that means.

And now I can't post anything tonight either, because I am too busy planning my trip to (mostly) Seoul during our Japanese Golden Week.

But because I'm not a total jerk, I'll tell you what happened yesterday. Yesterday was Friday. I got to watch an English lesson taught by a Japanese teacher *. She wanted me to participate and ask her students a couple of questions. Obviously she was looking to show off her superior teaching skillz.

I asked the kids about the weather and they told me it was cloudy. The teacher wanted more from me, so I asked what day it was. And the kids, their teacher too, stretched out their arms and started making airplane moves and noises. I stood there with a stupid expression on my face and for the life of me couldn't figure out just what exactly the deal with Fridays and airplanes was.

I gave up and asked the teacher, especially since the kids very clearly expected to be complimented on their "flying" performance.

The teacher looked at me like I was a total idiot.

"Fly!" she finally said. "Flyday!"


How stupid of me. Leally. 

*) She's a qualified English teacher with a degree in English and all that. From a Japanese university.

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  1. Flyday! And everything is clear! By the way I think Japanise people speaks good English except their accent!