Monday, February 15, 2010

Nikko Candle Pageant 2010

Today is Valentine's Day and because nothing says "I love you" like freezing your butt off in subzero temperatures, at night, and in the snow, we decided to celebrate the occasion by going to the Nikko Candle Pageant.

Held in the Ganman area (where the stone Buddhas are) on February 10th - 14th, the event was fairly simple: give people a bunch of plastic lanterns to decorate, stick some candles inside and place them along the Buddha statues.

And when you run out of tiny Buddhas to illuminate, just make some tiny snowmen:

Add a band on a makeshift stage and get them to play lame covers of equally lame Japanese hits, get the local hotel association to hand out cups of hot cocoa, organize a shuttle bus from the municipal parking lot and you have a recipe for success.

And the best part? The event was free. We only had to pay for the parking.

More photos from the Nikko Candle Pageant are here.

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