Saturday, January 9, 2010

Don't Worry, I Have No Idea Either

So… My last post brought me nothing but trouble again. And this time, I really thought I was being kind, straightforward and honest.

However this time, it was the “nice” folks who left me comments on the blog, while the “not-so-nice” ones decided to chew me out in private correspondence. Which is odd, because according to Nomadic Matt’s book (How To Make Money with Your Travel Blog), “travelers are a friendly bunch.” Well, these fans of Matt were anything but, I have to say.

I might be a pretentious looser, but at least I have class. And because I’m such a classy lady, I will not share the names of the gutless wonders who sent me hate mail after reading my review of Matt's book. Don’t worry, I’ll just laugh at you in private, especially since you apparently didn’t have the balls to say in public (probably after reading the positive comments on that post) just what it is that you REALLY think of me.

But hey, that’s OK, and guess what? You weren’t even that original. I’ve heard it all before. Next time, please try harder, I’d expect something far more imaginative from someone who claims to be (or is it “wants to be”?) a writer.

But anyway, for those who don’t know, this is what happened. I bought Nomadic Matt’s book, read it and reviewed it here. And it looks like some of Matt’s groupies took it really very hard, not to mention - very personally.

Instead of commenting on the blog, they sent me emails. And boy oh boy, they sure told me off. So, here’s the summary, in no particular order. Apparently:

  • 1. I’m just sick with jealousy over Matt’s success.
  • 2. I’m lame and my blog sucks (yeah? Then why were you reading it, huh?)
  • 3. With my kind of attitude I’ll never be a popular blogger/ travel writer/ garden gnome.
  • 4. Maybe instead of criticizing Matt’s book, I should spend my time more productively - on ventures that would make me wildly successful and popular.
  • 5. I’m just a desperate hanger-on (or was it just a hanger?) looking for attention.
  • 6. Variations on the above, more of the same, barf, burp, snore, zzzzz…

All this leads me to believe that Matt’s groupies can’t read. Or if they can, they have serious reading and comprehension problems. Why? Because I did not criticize Matt’s book. It is a very good book, overpriced – that’s for sure, but a good book. Just not for me.

But these emails have also taught me a few things. You see, I had no idea that travel blogging was a popularity contest. (Apparently it is). That travel blogging is a lot like high school (apparently it is) where you have the cool kids and the dorks and the bullies (and the dumb bimbos willing to blow the football team captain just to be part of the in-crowd). And that I’m not as delusional as I have previously thought. Some folks are a lot worse and they don’t even know it.

Now, can we all go back to pretending that “travelers are a friendly bunch”, hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” please?

And can you just imagine what would happen if I decided to blog about a truly controversial topic, like the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, or who’s going to win the Superbowl? Sheesh… I’d need sniffer dogs for my mail.

Yo bi there x500

I think this t-shirt sums up this whole matter pretty nicely.

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  1. nailing but very gently with class. I like your style.. can we be friends because it's hard to get into with the cool crowd! :-)
    Seriously, I think this was thoughtfully stated!


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