Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bleeping Typepad - I Hate You! (updated)

UPDATE January 21, 2010

The story continues...

Typepad staff explained that the difference in image quality is due to how Firefox (mac version) handles pictures. That's why supposedly my blogs look so awful when viewed in Firefox, and half way decent in Safari.

That's all fine and dandy, except one thing - such a drastic loss of image quality does not happen with many other blogs hosted on Blogger or on

For example, take a look at this link:

It's the same image viewed in Firefox on the left and in Safari on the right. They look almost the same, right?

And now an image from my blog viewed in Firefox on the left and in Safari on the right - link here.

Something is very seriously not right here.

I've compared dozens of red and pink (the loss of quality is the most obvious with these colors) and yes, they do look different in Firefox and in Safari when using a Mac. That much I know.

The thing is that somehow manages to make those images appear almost the same in both browsers on a Mac. And Typepad does not.

I am really at a loss here and don't know what I should do next. Stay with Typepad and tell Mac people to view my blogs using Safari only? Or move elsewhere?

UPDATE January 20, 2010

PS. To give credit where credit is due - Typepad staff contacted me and they are looking into this issue. Let's hope they can sort it out, because frankly, I am lazy and setting up a new blog elsewhere is a lot of work, and I might just as well stop blogging altogether and starting to write a book instead.

PS2. If you use Safari as your browser, the image quality is affected only a tiny little bit. Firefox seems to be the loser here.

PS3. I uploaded the most drastic examples to flickr and you can see the images and screenshots of how they appear on my blogs side by side here. Use Safari, if you can.

Recently I've moved my photoblog from Wordpress to Typepad, because I already have this blog at Typepad, so I thought "why not? Let's give it a shot". After all, since I'm already paying those asshats, I might as well get something out of it.

Unfortunately, during the last two years, Typepad has gone terribly downhill. While it wasn't as visible with this mostly written blog, it's become painfully obvious with a photoblog. (And with the photos I post on this blog.)

The loss of quality of posted images on Typepad is so significant, that it basically renders the whole process useless.

A photo looks great in a Preview or Photoshop, but then when compressed and mangled by Typepad, it ends up looking like the worst piece of chewed up garbage point-and-clicked by a blind person. The colors look pale and washed out, the contrast is off, the vibrance is gone and the light/dark balance is totally destroyed. The photos look so awful, it's embarrassing to post them.

I think I will be looking for a new blogging plaform very soon.

Typepad sucks. DO NOT start a blog on Typepad. Go elsewhere.

- from a very unhappy Typepad customer who most likely will not be renewing her subscription next month. Or who, at the very least, will be taking her photoblog elsewhere.

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