Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Illumination at Ashikaga Flower Park

You'd think that someone who spent five years in northern Scandinavia would be resistant to cold and low temperatures, right? Wrong. There are few things I despise more than freezing weather.

Yet even freezing weather and low temperatures couldn’t stop me yesterday from visiting the Ashikaga Flower Park. In Ashikaga, of course. That’s Tochigi for those of you in big-city Japan.
Ashikaga is a wholly unremarkable town. At least for me. Oh, they have attractions over there – there’s the fireworks display (summer) and wine festival (fall). They also have the oldest school in Japan and this Flower Park thingie.

And if Ashikaga itself is rather unremarkable, the Flower Park is just the opposite – it’s a magnificent oasis of all things that cause pollen allergies. But not in winter. In winter it’s the home of a splendid seasonal illumination. And that’s what we went to see yesterday.

And it’s so splendid that I’m seriously considering going back there again to take better photos, because these do not do the place justice.

See? If it’s worth freezing my butt off twice in one season, than it must be really something. Because I hate cold weather. And that’s a fact.

How to get there:
Drive – there’s plenty of free parking.
If you can’t drive, there are trains:
From Tokyo to Oyama by shinkansen
or Tohoku line
from Oyama to Tomita - Ryomo line
from Tomita station to Ashikaga Flower Park it’s about a 13-20 min walk.

Price: 500yen and definitely worth it.
Address: 607 Hazama-cho, Ashikaga
Phone: 028-491-4939

New Year’s Day – closed.

To see more photos of the Winter Illumination in Ashikaga, visit Tochigi Daily Photo.

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  1. yay! I went to this last night! I enjoyed seeing the home-made displays... and one of my teachers told me that the purple 'wisteria' lights were all hand-colored... crazy!


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