Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dreaming of Antigua part 2

Yeah, welcome to St. John's...

St johns sign x500

It's a perfectly agreeable small capital city with all the usual amenities:
Rastapasta x500

And all the usual tourist attractions:
Museum x500
there's a museum...

and a cathedral (quite nice actually):


There are statues of the national hero:
Statue x500
framed by cute little pineapples.

There's yummy local food:
Food x500
The food was yummy, that's for sure. But the lady at Fabian's decided to try to calculate our bill incorrectly, in her favor of course. Unfortunately, she didn't count on my penchant for math and numbers.

I liked St. John's. I really did.
Sleeping dog x500

It reminded me of Mindelo, and as everybody who knows me knows, I love Mindelo. In a very serious way. And frankly, I wouldn't mind moving to St. John's (or Mindelo, I'm not that picky) permanently.

Spray paint x500

Even the Antiguan-and-barbudian flag is pretty:
Church and flag x500

It's a difficult choice trying to decide which flag I'd prefer as my own (hypothetically, of course): Antiguan or Cape Verdean...

to be continued... (maybe)

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