Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dreaming of Antigua part 1

My totally harmless post about rice polishing machines in Japan has proved to be the most popular post on this blog. Ever. In two days it brought over 10 000 visitors and counting.

That post also seemed to anger many readers. Out of that 10 000 people, about 0.5% (and that's quite a lot, trust me!) felt strong enough about it to send me emails. Angry emails. Reading them, you'd think that I was single-handedly responsible for every case of beri-beri in the world. Some emails pitied me. Apparently my love of white rice and refined flour will be my undoing and I will die a painful death suffering from colon cancer, along with pretty much every other disease known to mankind.

Some emails, instead of my penchant for white rice, attacked my "all-knowing" attitude. But of course I am all-knowing, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog!

But seriously, I should maybe avoid such controversial topics in the future. I shudder at the thought just what kind of response a post about industrial train platform cleaning machines (if I would ever feel inclined to write one) might bring.

So, in the name of keeping the peace, and because I am cold and the weather is sucky right now, let's travel back in time today. Don't worry, not very far back in time, only to January 2009. And because no proper time travel would be complete without some spacial displacement, let's displace ourselves to Antigua. As in "Antigua and Barbuda", not "Antigua, Guatemala."

Ready? OK, here we go.

Beach x500

I've been having a major attack of "let's go somewhere warm" lately and every day it's more and more difficult for me to resist it. And Antigua is just a perfect "somewhere warm" place.

Kayak x500
Now, I despise water sports. In fact, I despise water in general (yes, even taking a shower every morning is a major accomplishment for me), but right now I'd gladly sell my mother in law for a chance to sit on a beach, or ride in a kayak.

Boats x500

Yet even with all my hatred of water, I still managed to somehow obtain a sail-boat license way back when. And lately I've been telling my saintly husband that we should just sell everything (including mother in law, but excluding the cats), buy a boat and get moving.

Water sports x500

Unfortunately, even with selling MIL, this would be the only "boat" we could afford to buy.

Palm trees x500
So for now, all I can do is dream about being magically transported somewhere tropical.

Half moon x500

And even though normally I'm not a fan of Half Moon Bay, even this place looks mighty fine to me at this moment.

to be continued...

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