Sunday, July 26, 2009

Utsunomiya and Nikko Events in August

Because I know that you are just dying to find out what happens in a provincial Japanese town on weekends, every so often I am going to tell you about interesting, or boring, or totally pointless events. And if you happen to be in the area, by all means please stop by. And let me know how you liked it, OK?

So let’s start with the biggie that the town has been preparing for for about a month. And yes, those preparations include the bloody drums which have been waking me up every bloody morning. And trust me, nothing can compare to the sound of taiko at 5AM.

And all this sleep deprivation for this:

Miya festival

The 34th Miya Festival : All sorts of stuff will be going on on the main street and the plaza in Utsunomiya.

As in previous years, the poster is a winner of a city-wide art contest for elementary school kids. This year’s winner is a second grader named Abe who attends a public elementary school in Utsunomiya (not sure which school though).

Date: August 1st (Sat) and 2nd (Sun), 2009
Time: starts at 4:30PM, goes until 9PM.
Place: Utsunomiya’s main street (Ohdo-ri)
Organizer: Miya Festival Committee

And now for a Noh shindig in Nikko:

Noh poster

10th Anniversary of World heritage registration
23rd Nikko-san (Mt. Nikko) Rin-nou ji “Takigi Noh”
August 21st (Fri) and 22nd (Sat) starts at 6PM
Place: Nikko-san Rin-nou ji <in front of Sanbutsu dou temple>
Ticket price: Seat A: 7000 yen, Seat B: 5000 yen
Tickets already on sale - from July 1st

Sanbutsu-Do, a world heritage site, is due to be renovated. Therefore, performing “Takigi noh” in front of Sanbutsu-Do will not possible until the renovation is finished. And how long that will take – nobody knows.
So don’t miss it this year. – that’s more or less what it says on the poster.


Friday, August 21,, 2009
Nougaku “Kei-Kyou” UMEWAKA Kichinojoh
Kyougen “Sou Hachi” YAMAMOTO Toujirou
Nougaku “Kiku Jidou” UMEWAKA Genshou (named after “Rokuro”)

Saturday, August 22, 2009
Nougaku “Yo-kihi” UMEWAKA Genshou (named after “Rokuro”)
Kyougen “Tsuchi Fude” YAMAMOTO Toujirou
Nougaku “Aoino-Ue” UMEWAKA Kichinojoh

See you there!

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