Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Eurovision 2009 Hissy Fit

I am not very happy today. I just realized that the first Eurovision semi-final (taking place tomorrow) is not shown in Poland. Not live, not later, not at all. Well, them Polish TV honchos apparently think that since that horrid Polish song is not being performed tomorrow, then there’s no need to broadcast the program. Heck, THAT would be the reason TO broadcast the program.

But anyway… I heard once that a country that competes in the Eurovision song contest agrees to a live broadcast of the WHOLE program (all bits leading up to the final and the final itself) and that it’s actually required if that country wants to compete the following year.

Oh well, Poland has better things to show on TV than the first semi-final, namely “Heroes” re-runs.

I guess I’ll watch the Eurovision song contest on the internet then. Viva live streaming!

(And I hope that their dumb Polish song will lose on Saturday. Let’s see, who is going to give it 12 or 10 points? Ireland and the UK? LOL!)

PS. And to those Russian morons from Krasnodar who google blogs for "Eurovision" and then leave comments with a link pretending to be a live broadcast, but in reality-p*rny videos of Russian chicks - you are lame. Really lame. And stupid. But that goes without saying...

Sheesh, I must be PMSing today. Or something.

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