Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Glorious 25th of May

Some celebrate Towel Day today and others – Lilac Day. I’m in the second camp. I proudly wore my lilac ribbon today and donated money to one of the Alzheimer’s organizations (yes, honey, I did).

And to celebrate The Glorious 25th of May I also registered myself for DWCON 2010 (yes, honey, I did). So it looks like I finally have the best possible excuse ever to visit the UK next year. Birmingham to be exact.

“Truth, justice, freedom, reasonably priced love, and a hard-boiled egg!”
Only now the tyrant is Alzheimers!

Image (CC license) courtesy of Jaz'

PS> If you want to know more about The Glorious 25th of May, read "Night Watch" by Terry Pratchett.

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