Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sushi Around the World - Some Assembly Required

Sushi purists and traditionalists, especially those foreign ones who don't really know what Japanese people eat at home and get their knowledge mainly from cookbooks directed at gaijins, will get their kimonos all up in a wad over this post, but hey, I'm here to annoy, among many other things.

The way we have sushi at home is similar to how we'd eat tacos in the US. You grab the stuff, pile more stuff up, fold it or roll it up and chow-chow. Except instead of taco shells or tortillas, we use nori sheets.

Sushi table 3 square

All you need is a bucket of sushi rice (or two if there's many of you) and some raw materials - whatever you like, personally - I'll eat anything except shrimp and salmon. Really, anything goes, just pick your favorites.

It works like this: get a sheet of nori, scoop some rice onto it, add topping, fold or wrap, dunk in sauce and enjoy. No piddling with maki rolls, no diddling with nigiri. Fast, easy and convenient. And fully customizable, so even the pickiest eaters should be satisfied.

Cutting octopus 2

Just make some miso soup to go with it, and voila - dinner is ready.

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