Friday, April 10, 2009

Oya Kannon

The weather was so nice today and I wanted to go to Nikko. Don’t really know why, just got up and wanted to do it. Seems easy enough, hop on the train – the station is practically next door - and a few minutes later we’re in Nikko. Any moron could manage it, right?

But the bonehead I married decided he wanted to go to Oya instead. I told him what I thought about his idea (hint – nothing I can post on a PG blog) and gave in. We went to Oya. Turned out the Oya Stone Museum was closed today. Hahaha! Serves you right, bonehead! “I told you so” just doesn’t quite say it now, does it? But he thinks that aince we’re in Japan now, HE is the one who knows everything.

Eventually, we did manage to have an OK outing. The bonehead is still alive. And this weekend – it’s payback time – I AM going to Nikko. Rain or shine. With or without him.

Today, instead of the mine museum, we went to the Oyaji Temple (300 yen to get in) and hung out by the Oya Kannon (free). I'll write more about both places next time.

Oya kannon 2
This thing is huge, as you can see. But it's relatively recent. If I remember correctly, it was carved out sometime in the early 60s.

Yoshi on top
Disagreement about today's destination turns violent...

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