Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hanging out With Kimono Teachers

Apparently, there’s some sort of kimono show this Sunday in Tokyo. I’m not planning to go, because:

1.    kimono doesn’t interest me in the least bit,
2.    I’d rather sleep in and enjoy the quiet time when the annoying woman we’re sharing this house with is gone.
3.    I can think of a thousand different things I’d rather spend the hundred bucks or so (one way) than the shinkansen ticket to Tokyo.

Anyway, because while being in Japan and living in the house of a kimono teacher, you can’t avoid kimonos totally, last night I spent three hours watching the ladies prepare for the show in Tokyo this weekend.

What can I say, it was actually kind of fun. We were served traditional Japanese sweets and green tea. And I didn’t even mind sitting patiently seiza-style until my legs turned blue and numb – I had a bowl full of whisky-filled chocolate bon-bons at my disposal.

When I did get up, which I somehow managed to do unassisted, I was then used as a guinea pig to find out if it’s possible to teach a total beginner to tie an obi in less than four minutes. - Yes, it is. It won’t be a kimono show quality performance, but it will get the job done. Well, I didn’t tell them I wasn’t a total beginner. I even have a full kimono of my own, complete with tabi, zouri, matching purse and all, but after all those whisky bon-bons my skill was not what it used to be. And besides, I wasn’t about to make a complete fool out of myself in front of two licensed kimono teachers.

Kimono lesson

The lady to the left is a kimono teacher with all sorts of official certificates and over 30 years of experience. The lady to the right is a relative newbie, with only 5 years of teaching under her obi.

I promised them that one of these days I would really make an effort and learn the bloody thing properly. Or at the very least – attempt to learn the bloody thing properly.
Yeah, right… As if…

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