Sunday, April 26, 2009

Engrish Menu - in Poland

So, you open a Japanese restaurant. You want to give your customers a truly Japanese experience. The decor is appropriately faux oriental, sufficiently kitschy to awe, yet mild enough not to provoke a gag reflex.

The food is equally carefully thought out - it's just this side of "authentic", after all, who's gonna know that Tom Yum is not a Japanese dish? And those who do know won't eat at your place anyway. Chances are, they can make better Japanese food at home than anything you could offer.

Even the name - Kyoto - is supposed to provide an aura of suitably pompous ambiance.

But still, you strive for those truly Japanese touches. And in order to make it a 100% quasi-Japanese experience, you even decide to translate your menu into Engrish.

Wasted algae

Now, this is what I mean by really "Japanese"! Brilliant! You can't do any better than that. Engrish! (click on the image to enlarge)

This is an actual menu of an actual Japanese restaurant in Poland. It's even posted on the restaurant's website.
I haven't been there yet, and frankly, I'm not sure I want to. Luckily, the place is rather too far away for a casual visit.
The menu is indeed quite hilarious, though. It's as close to "real" Engrish as one can get without having an actual Japanese person write it.


  1. See, not only do they feed people in such restaurants, but they also entertain the hungry customers. After all, the menu in Engrish might be better than a stand-up comedian, and is certainly cheaper than hiring one! haha ;-)

  2. nice posting....i like it...See, not only do they feed people in such restaurants, but they also entertain the hungry customers


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