Friday, March 13, 2009

Sushi Around the World – Tokyo, Near the Tsukiji Fish Market

Unlike in Stockholm, they definitely don’t eat it there with a fork and knife, even them white folks use chopsticks over there. Not that there were that many white folks in the restaurant we went to, anyway.

Sushi master


It’s one of the restaurants across the street from the Tsukiji fish market. I have no idea how expensive it was, because we, as VIPs for the day, didn’t have to pay.

Sushi tray1


I forgot how good sushi could be, or rather – should be. Oh how I missed it! And from now on, I’m not going to touch the Swedish-made stuff with a ten-foot Pole (or even a ten-foot Hungarian).


But since I’m a glutton for punishment, I know that sooner or later I WILL visit sushi restaurants in Poland while I’m there. Because if you can’t have what you like, you gotta like what you can have.


PS. And this lunch finally convinced DH that the move to Japan had been a brilliant idea indeed. He never wanted to admit just how much he missed the stuff “back home.”

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  1. I can't remember eating sushi. Is it really so good?
    Well, if one day I decide to eat sushi, I will go to Japan :)
    I definitely agree with "Because if you can’t have what you like, you gotta like what you can have.".
    Ps. There is one nice restaurant in Brooklyn (japanese ofc) and the best thing in that place is that the cook prepares food in front of you ;) and it's amazing show! Probably, you've already been in such a great place.


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