Monday, March 23, 2009

Staying with Pets at Hilton Narita Airport Hotel

Finding a hotel somewhere nearby Narita Airport is easy. But finding one that accepts travelers with pets - now, that’s a lot more complicated.

There are travel websites that claim there are three or four hotels at Narita that accommodate guests with pets. That is absolutely NOT true. We have emailed more than 30 different establishments, and as of February/March 2009, there is only one that accepts travelers with cats and/or dogs. That hotel is Hilton Narita Airport. Most others suggested we drop off our cats at the Pet Hotel at the airport. Now, I don’t know about you, but for us that was not an option. Our cats are our children, and would you leave your child overnight with unknown strangers? Especially when your child is scared, hungry, dehydrated and disoriented in a new place? And please don’t tell me that pets are not kids, because to me, and millions of other pet owners, they are.

So, Hilton Narita Airport it was. And that's when things got funky.

When I asked for a normal room for two people, I was quoted the rate of 11 000 yen per night. When I mentioned that those two people would have two cats, the rate jumped up to 24 000 yen!!! That is more than a 100% increase! WTF?!?!

Maybe the management at Hilton Narita thinks that only rich bitches travel with their pets? Or the likes of Paris Hilton, perhaps? If that’s the case, then it’s about time that someone told them otherwise. Listen up Hilton Hotels! Plenty of normal, average, middle-class folks go on trips (sometimes even on long, intercontinental journeys) with their cats and dogs. And to screw them over on room rates like that is so not cool.

But then again, this is business, you know there’s no competition for you around Narita, and so you can charge as much as you want. Still, for doing that you guys are total pricks, and when traveling without our cats, we definitely won’t be staying at any of your hotels either. Nice way to lose potential customers, you Hilton morons!

50% higher I could have understood, but 120%? Give me a break! For that kind of money, I half expected separate beds with feather duvets for my cats. Instead, all we got was a dog enclosure and a water bowl. Of course, the dog cage was of no use for two cats, and we brought our own pet food dishes anyway. And our own litter box.

Cats at hilton

We also had to hand over a deposit of 30 000 yen and call for a room inspection before proceeding with check-out.

So, all things considered, would we stay there again when traveling with our cats? Are you kidding me? I think it would have worked out cheaper lining the litter box with dollar bills and sleeping at the airport than staying at Hilton Narita.


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  2. And what did you expect? The title said the post would be about staying with pets at Hilton Narita Hotel and it was about staying with pets (cats qualify as pets) at Hilton Narita Hotel.


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