Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nikko? NOT Again!

I never thought that Nikko was anything special. We had a direct commuter train to Nikko literally right outside our front door. It was the only train that went to our village. We had no choice but to ride it pretty much every day. Though mostly in the opposite direction - to Utsunomiya.

Station sign in T-ta


My guy’s grandfather (when he was alive, of course) was the JR station master at Nikko. He used to take my guy (when the guy was a baby, of course) with him to work. When he was about three years old, DH was a Nikko station mascot. LOL! He remember those times very fondly, and we even have old photos of him being fed candy by ladies working at the station.

Nik is nip sign on train


So when a relative used to suggest that we’d go and visit Nikko, which they would suggest almost every weekend, simply because the place was so bloody close, we’d always say “oh no, not AGAIN!”And then we'd try to come up with some sort of polite excuses to stay home and watch TV.


But he fact that I lived (and looks like I will live again) a stone’s throw from one of the touristy World Heritage sites in Japan always seemed to impress people (foreign people, I mean) when I told them about it.


And now grandma says that we need to have a proper shinto wedding ceremony. Where? In Nikko, of course. Eee gadz! I'd rather stay home and watch TV! ;)

Sign on the train nk


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