Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hostel Kanonia in Warsaw

Last month, Travel Rants wrote about hostels needing to improve their image.

Now, I’m a frequent hostel dweller. Most of them have private (or family) rooms these days, and there’s no need to bunk it student-on-a-shoestring style anymore.
Sometimes, a private room at a hostel can cost as much as a normal hotel room. That’s the case normally in Sweden. When that happens, then I do bunk it, or if I can afford it – choose the hotel.

This weekend I’m in Poland, and because I’m dead broke (actually I’m so beyond broke that I’m off the scale of brokenness) I had no choice but to stay at a hostel in Warsaw.
There are bunches of hostels in Warsaw, all offer pretty much the same at pretty much the same prices.

I decided on Hostel Kanonia. And because I needed some peace and quiet to finish up some work, I booked a private room. With a bathroom.

Now, one thing you need to know. Hostel Kanonia is located in the heart of Warsaw’s Old Town. It’s an old building, with all the quirkiness and charm of old buildings. My room was a converted attic space on the top floor. It was simple but huge. Spotlessly clean. And cold. The bathroom was also simple, clean and cold. But the super ultra hot water coming out of the tap with super ultra strong pressure was enough to make me happy.

The common kitchen, where I am sitting right now and typing this, is small but clean and adequate. There’s a TV and wireless internet. And an endless supply of tea bags and coffee. What else would a poor hostel dweller need?

Unlike some stupid hostels in other parts of the world (and even in Warsaw) this one is opened 24 hours, and doesn’t have any dumb lock down rules during the day.
Quiet time starts at 10PM.

All this set me back only 140PLN, which is about 31 euro or 40 US dollars (today’s exchange rate). If that’s too steep for you, then bunk beds can be had for as little as 60PLN.

Sheets and towels included, but breakfast not.

What would make this hostel even better? Liquid soap dispensers. And wastebaskets in the rooms. Other than that, this hostel's image doesn't need any improvements.

Would I stay here again? Absolutely! Nothing beats sitting at the kitchen table and looking out onto a cobblestone plaza framed by renaissance buildings.

Kanonia entrance x400 

The entrance. Looks a bit dark and creepy, but it's not. Very "Old Town" feel to it.

My room

My room.

View 2
The view from my room.


  1. Fun reading. I like your writing style.

  2. Hey there. That view is great. I had no idea Warsaw was so colorful. I tagged you with an award on my blog today. Enjoy.


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