Thursday, January 22, 2009

Watching Obama’s Inauguration at Fabian’s in St. John’s

The TVs were on pretty much everywhere. Including the Fire Station (just don't ask me how we ended up at the fire house, things happened, you know). The people of Antigua were watching. Some were wearing Obama T-shirts (including one crazy who showed up at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and demanded to see the Prime Minister. And yes, we were at MOFA in Antigua, too, things happened, you know).

We ended up watching the Inauguration at Fabian’s during lunch.

The ladies said things like “oh, look at him. He’s so handsome.” And “Oh, look at her, she’s so beautiful,” about Michelle Obama.
And the men said things like “now he will change our lives, he’s one of us.” The fact that Obama is an American president, not Antiguan, didn’t seem to register with them. They were firmly convinced that the new POTUS would save the world.

Obama inauguration at fabians

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