Thursday, October 16, 2008

CADIP Continued...

It's official, I am NO LONGER recommending CADIP as an option for prospective volunteers. Bad feedback has been piling up and the staffer at CADIP with whom I was corresponding was either unwilling or unable to provide his last name for the record. Instead, he kept responding with semi-correct pre-packaged bits of information.

So, to all you potential CADIPers out there - hold on to your monies. There are better options. I'll show you where, too! No worries.

PS> I apologize for my long silence. I was translating one book and finishing writing another and volunteering all at the same time. Life has been a little bit crazy over here recently.

But now, we're back in business! And by the way, I HATE the way that typepad has "improved" their text editor. Urgh! Who thought up this shit, huh?


  1. Do you happen to know of any volunteer abroad programs open to 17 year olds?

  2. May I ask why CADIP is unrecommended? Is it because of their fees or is it because of their unsafe, unorganized programs? I just really want to volunteer and is not doing it for anything to put on my resume, so what I really look in a program is its organization when I am in that country. I am interested in going to India, has anyone had past experience going there through cadip? thank you!


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