Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's official - I'm dull and boring!

So, I finally got my hands on a scanned copy (thanks Nika!) of my story in the June issue of Real Travel mag, and yeah, just as I expected…

All traces of life and spunk have been very diligently edited out. Things that would have been obvious to American readers acquired additional explanations - not always correct, and one even with a typo. Portugal is spelled with a BIG “P”, you know?

The end result – a dull, boring story of some dull, boring chick who just happened to visit Cape Verde. The article was fashioned into yet another example of the “my friend and I” style of travel writing, which is a perfect way of making sure I stop reading, turn the page and never buy Real Travel again. Or maybe that was the editor’s plan? Dunno…


Anyway, onto bigger, better, brighter things.

The Eurovision Finals are tonight!!! I’m rooting for Latvia!


Ok, so Russia won Eurovision. Of course! All the former republics voted for the Russian entry.

And Herregud! The Swedes, judging from what the press writes over here, still don’t get it. It’s NOT about songs anymore! People, what year are you living in? Do you honestly think that a western European country will win ever again? Hahaha! Dream on!

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