Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do we need another one?

Do we really need more travel sites with user-generated content? Can we please stop already!
Or design one that is actually useful?

The new kid on the block is Placely. Kinda awkward name, isn’t it? The site is new and it shows. When typing “London” or “Berlin” into the destination box, it gave me no results. Just for the heck of it, I also tried “Sweden”. Still nada. And “Germany”. Zilch.

The options it does show you are: France, India, Los Angeles and New York. Which is, I’m guessing, where the contributors live. Let’s hope they get more contributors soon.

(Placely asked me to be a Placely guide, but I politely declined. An email sent to them inquiring about compensation for guides’ contributions went unanswered.)

I did sign up for Placely just to see what it looked liked for the initiated. It was still awkward. Inputting all this rubbish about my travels took more time than I had, and so I gave up. And what’s the point anyway?

It seems that Placely, just like Chickable, Matador, MyDayTrip and others, is trying to combine social networking with travel. Which will probably appeal to some people. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

And just like the other sites, it also provides a platform for wannabe aspiring travel writers to share their stories in a non-threatening, friendly setting. And I’m either too anti-social, or too lazy to be bothered. Or both. Yeah, definitely both…

But I do like Placely, it means well and is full of youthful enthusiasm.

But that name! Dude, you know that half the known universe won’t be able to pronounce it correctly, right?

So, Pracery, I wish you luck! And I’ll be watching you!

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