Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chickable disaster

So there’s this new website for women travelers, Chickable, whatever that means. Oh, wait, it means connecting chicks and travel!

And what’s up with the recent proliferations of women’s travel sites, anyway? Has somebody told the Gods of Internet that yeah, broads like go to places, too?

I just signed up for this Chickable thingy, and even though, the service is brand new, I can already tell you that I doubt it will be successful, at least as a social networking site. Why? Most of the travel forums out there already have a chick section, for one. And two, the details of this particular enterprise are not very well thought out.

For example, why can I select only ONE top interest? I have many! I resent to be limited to just one. Do you honestly think women are so one-dimensional? Or is it really only for specific targeted advertising purposes?

Same with a favorite chick trip. Why do I have to pick just one? I like to shop, but I like action/sport/adventure, too. And I adore spas. And culture. And volunteering. And speaking of volunteering, can you believe Chickable didn’t even provide such a choice? In this day and age?

But I’ll let it slide for now, and chalk it up as growing pains.

What I can’t let slide is padding up the site with fictitious members, or at least with members, who have a very curious penchant for using stock commercial photography as their profile pictures. That is just a tad bit too obvious, or perhaps desperate, wouldn’t you say?

And how come that the country option in the registration menu is not obligatory? It's not even included in the sign-up options, and to select a country, you have to edit your profile AFTER you register. Do you gals-in-charge really think that the civilization as you know it begins and ends in North America? Or are you planning to serve that particular market exclusively?

Chickable’s lack of attention to details is also evident in careless spelling. What the heck is an “Ice and Glod Adventure Girlfriends Getaway”? Or a “Sedona Splendor Girfriends Getaway”?

The thinly veiled primary purpose of the website seems to be selling girl-themed package trips. (And t-shirts! We can't forget about the t-shirts!) Nothing wrong with that, but it can be done with a lot more finesse and oompf. Traveling chicks are not dumb, so please don’t treat us like that.

In short, the site was not ready to be launched, I fail to see how it can provide a valuable service, the functionality is limited, and as much as it wants to (and COULD) fill a niche, it comes up short.

The idea is good, but the execution sucks. Big time.

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