Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shallow and proud of it

There are two things, on which I spend the majority of my hard-earned money. Beauty treatments and travel. The travel bit is obvious – I’m nosey by nature and want to know for sure that life is beautiful around the world. (Yes, someday, when I have enough time, I may compose an entire blog post using only RHCP quotes.)

Back to the topic.

And the other thing that gets my cash? Beauty treatments.
Yes, I’m THAT shallow.

I’m not exactly a ravishing blond with huge bazongas, you know? Despite many years of braces, my teeth are still crooked (and someday, I’ll just replace the bloody lot with dental implants, I swear!), I’m short and not particularly attractive. So, I’m forced to take care of what I’m stuck with. And even what I’m stuck with doesn’t have to be permanent – hello butt liposuction*!

Yesterday, instead of buying a round trip ticket to Dubai, I treated myself to botox.
Anna loves botox. Anna wants botox everywhere. Just pump it in! Though maybe next time, I should try Restylene, instead – that’s my spirit of exploration for ya.

I am seriously considering a trip to Iran for a nose job, a trip to Estonia for new teeth, and a trip to the gym for new abs. I know, I know… The last one will be the hardest – I’m allergic to gyms.

What about new funbags? Nah, for now I’m happy with trips to Paris for new heavy-duty support equipment – I’m still searching for that perfect push up bra.

And now, if you excuse me, I have to look for A-melan on the net, because they don’t sell it here in Sweden. Which explains, why Swedish women over 30 look like they’re over 40.

And next week, I'm thinking to go blond for a while...

* Yes, I do have an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss my butt. Oh, the things we do (ok, some of us do) to look good in a bikini! Because sure as hell, I’m NOT giving up ice-cream.

PS. For obvious reasons, I'll spare you the visuals today.

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