Thursday, February 28, 2008

North Korea is suddenly fashionable...

So, Hilary Howard writes in The New York Times travel section (no link, because you'll have to log in and all that), that Snow Lion Expeditions, a company from Utah, started to offer trips to North Korea for American citizens.
And the big deal here is what exactly?
Americans could always book a tour to the Stalinist theme park using one of the many European operators.

Which brings me to this comment by Steve Pastorino, VP of marketing for the company: “We have a crack in the door for Americans to get in.”

Oh what a crock of BS! Despite all the official propaganda, Americans are able to visit NK on certain dates, which must be approved by the great communist honchos in charge. Those days coincide with the Arirang Mass Games held in Pyongyang. No mystery here.

European tour operators, like for example Korea Konsult in Sweden, have been offering the American option for quite some time. And there is no need to combine their itinerary with a stay in South Korea. Here are their approved dates for Americans for 2008.

And wouldn't you know it, they're exactly the same as Snow Lion's. What a coincidence!


But it's nice to see that The New York Times has finally mentioned it at all. Must be a byproduct of the NY Philharmonic visit in Pyongyang...

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